Of the barricade boys, the most easily recognizable character is by and far Enjolras, whose distinctive colour scheme sets him apart from all other members of the group. While pondering Enjolras’ colour scheme, a friend of mine commented “But Enjolras can’t not be red!” and in many ways, this is absolutely true – Enjolras, in the majority of adaptations, appears to be completely and inexorably tied to the colour red. Throughout the film, Enjolras is always dressed in reds – even his violet jacket during “Paris/Look Down” is a red-violet colour, which of course is accented by that red and orangey-gold waistcoat; later in the film, he dons a bright crimson coat – the film’s answer to the stage version’s famous vest – with a darker coloured waistcoat and dark blue cravat. While we learn more about Enjolras through his character interactions and the things that he says and does, this colour scheme also makes Enjolras instantly recognisable at all times during the film.

—From this article that explores the significance behind each of the Barricade Boys’ outfits. A very interesting and insightful read! I didn’t think about how Prouvaire was “unfashionable” or how Marius wears both well-made and worn clothing, etc

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